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Lyles Dobermans

Lyles European Dobermans is a small family business that is located in the suburbs of Chicago. We have been training Dobermans since 1978. In the mid 80’s we also showed, breed, raised American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. We also started a dog club with the United Kennel Club on the island of Oahu. In 2006 we went back to our first love “The European Doberman”.


Hear the story of Morpheus.

Dobermans Available

We have Premier European Dobermans for Sale and Studs! We only have the Highest Quality!

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Our Doberman Training

A couple of our young males we bred doing some work! We love great looking dogs but they've got to be able to get busy if there's a threat.

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Lyles Dobermans is your premium Doberman expert! We ship puppies worldwide and have a deep passion for our industry.